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Tvp a good use in a vegan diet?

if i eat texturized vegan protien mixed in seasonings and veggies like make it with amix of chili seasoing and broccoli beside it or with sloppy joe mix would that be okay good for a vegan diet and any idea on soy curls from vegan store are they good?Tvp a good use in a vegan diet?
TVP is actually quite versatile and lends itself very well to a vegan diet. You can buy it in granules or slightly larger chunks, and use where you would use meat in recipes. I have successfully used it in: stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, spaghetti "meat" sauce, mousakka, tacos, sloppy joes and "meat"loaf...

I will admit, it is a bit processed, so I don't eat it everyday. But, it does make a very satisfying alternative to meat without using some of the name brand fake meats, some of which do contain egg %26amp; dairy products.

Some stores, like Whole Foods Market, sell a reasonably sized bag of TVP by "Bob's Red Mill", and it is $2.49 in my area, and one bag feeds my family of five two or three meals.Tvp a good use in a vegan diet?
In order for it to taste decent, you need to heat it with a significant amount of fat.Tvp a good use in a vegan diet?
never heard of that stuff but have u ever used boca or morning star products?Tvp a good use in a vegan diet?
It is good, but as above person said, plenty of fat to make it platable.

How did I do today of my vegan diet?

Opinions please!

Breakfast - Muesli with soy milk and berries on top. 1/2 grapefruit on the side

Lunch - Boca Burger on Ezekiel bread with lettuce, hummus, and sprouts. Strawberries, grapes, and an orange on the side.

Snack - banana with Lara Bar

dinner - Morning Star Sesame chik'n

How do you think I did today? If it makes any difference i'm 5'5 and half, 13 year old female. Thanks!How did I do today of my vegan diet?
Very healthy.How did I do today of my vegan diet?
haha I love it!! ^_^ I am vegetarian...well I guess except fish I like fish, anyway

I eat like this all the time.
you did great XD
Sounds like you eat better then a lot of other 13 year olds I know.
keep it up it's healthier for you.

What are good foods consistent with a vegan diet?

I'm vegan and these are some of my favorite things to eat:

Breakfast: bananas, cream of wheat with brown sugar and soy butter, cereal, pancakes or french toast with real maple syrup, vegan "sausage" patties, smoothies.

Snack: BRUSSEL SPROUTS =) no joke

Lunch: vegan "sausage" sandwiches, sandwiches with vegan deli slices(Tofurkey is the only one that's kinda funky), fruit, dinner leftovers, couscous salad, vegan sushi, potato or pasta salad.

Dinner: sloppy joes, "sausage" and gravy with homemade biscuits, Spaghetti and Trader Joe's "meatballs" or TVP, lasagna, Thai pad see ew, pad khi mao(drunkard's noodles), pad prig king, tofu+eggplant with basil sauce, yellow thai curry with tofu or vegan chikn and veggies and jasmine rice, Indian dal with homemade roti or dosai, channa masala, aloo gobi, vegetable or minestrone soup, pizza, STEAMED "PORK" BUNS with potstickers or spring rolls, sweet%26amp;sour/orange/lemon chikn, vegan pho or wonton soup, baked tofu, BBQ homemade seitan (tastes like BBQ'd ribs), kabobs

I use these sites to find recipes:

There have been vegan Olympic gold medalists and a vegan woman can create an ENTIRELY NEW,HEALTHY HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF HER. Many of these children stay vegan and grow up to be perfectly healthy adults. So just keep yourself educated about what you eat and don't let anyone tell you that a veg diet is lacking anything essential.鈥?/a>

Here are some more veg people:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>


If you want to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian, the transition should be quite simple. Almost all meats have widely available commercial replacements. All that you have to do is replace any flesh in your diet (beef, pork, poultry, seafood) with meat analogs or just leave it out altogether.

You should keep in mind that a journey such as this can be quite short but should just be the beginning of a longer one to a plant-based diet with no animal products. This is because of the reality of factory farming in which animals that are kept alive to produce milk, eggs, etc suffer much more and longer than animals that are raised to a certain weight and then slaughtered.

Some people use the word "vegan" in reference to this idea, but be aware that applying that label to yourself should always come with the inclusion of wise activism and advocacy.鈥?/a>

Two extremely important examples of this are that you should never speak to someone about vegetarianism/veganism without their consent and genuine interest or as a comment on what they are eating AND your dietary beliefs should never be used as an introduction or explanation of who you are as a person. Veg*ism should be something that comes up AFTER people get to know you and they offer you a situation that makes it confusing to withhold the information/discussion. Also, if you are presented something that you choose not to eat or you are

ordering food/eating together somewhere/picking the best place to eat.

When you you hold off on the subject until it's necessary and then act like it isn't a big deal at all, people are usually surprised and WAY more interested and curious than if you were to bring it up when someone's eating or just using it as a conversation starter.

A responsible vegan ALWAYS studies the subject of their own health and how to keep their body completely provided for in every sense.

To neglect their body is to define a plant-based diet as unhealthy and is the opposite of helping the animals.

Just to clear things up, the vegetarian/vegan diet is not composed of salads, vegetables, fruit and fake meat. Fruits and vegetables are always important but they DO NOT make up the largest portion of any healthy diet.

A balanced plant-based diet includes grains(breads, pasta, rice,cereal), legumes(soy, beans, peas, lentils), fruit and vegetables.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Being vegan can be an art, one whose challenge is to take things that involve the suffering of the innocent and change them into something free of cruelty.

A vegan woman can create an ENTIRELY NEW,HEALTHY HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF HER. Many of these children stay vegan and grow up to be perfectly healthy adults. So just keep yourself educated about what you eat and don't let anyone tell you that a veg diet is lacking anything essential.

Technically the term "vegetarian" does imply that you don't consume anything that comes from the body of an animal that requires killing it. Many ingredients such as gelatin and glycerin are found in many candies, Fig-Newtons, and many of other foods as well as rennet found in many cheeses.鈥?/a>

The best thing to remember is to take your time so that for example: when you are comfortable not eating beef and pork you can then give up chicken when you are sure you can make the commitment permanently.

Depending on your age or reliance on parents or regional options, it may not be best to give yourself a label. The important thing is to do your best to make progress and be committed to your compassion towards animals. Never put your focus onto what you or other people use to describe yourself.

If you meet someone that talks down to people for eating meat, dairy, etc or to you because they think they are "more veg" than you, laugh in their face and tell them they are a disgrace to the entire philosophy. People like this only hurt the idea of veg*ism AND the animals. The point of all of this is to live compassionately and and as free from cruelty as you can, all the while maintaining your health and a positive attitude. People who don't maintain either, need not open their mouths and represent our beliefs.

If you actually choose to read all of this, I hope it helps. If not, feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.What are good foods consistent with a vegan diet?
Fruits, vegetables, grains, beans/pulses, and nuts/seeds. Tofu, tempeh, seitan. The idea is to eat food that's minimally processed (although I'm a bad girl and like my vegan junk food!) with ingredients you can pronounce. There are tons of things you can eat; just read labels to make sure meat stocks, gelatin, dairy, whey, casein, and eggs aren't in the ingredients.What are good foods consistent with a vegan diet?
You can't eat anything that casts a shadow. Don't you watch the Simpsons?What are good foods consistent with a vegan diet?
Ashley and I juice a lot of berries and stuff.

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  • What is a vegetarian/vegan diet good for the environment?

    IT is good for the environment because the overpopulation of livestock especially in such concentrations as in factory farms creates a huge amount of toxic waste. We feed 70 percent of what we grow in the US to animals. That is a huge waste of resources that could be used to feed people. It takes about 10 pounds of plant food to produce just 1 pound of meat. That means all the resources used to produce that other 9 pounds is just wasted.

    The UN study released in 2006 stated that livestock production is one of the top 2 or 3 things humans do that damage the environment and that livestock production produces more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined.What is a vegetarian/vegan diet good for the environment?
    Because large production of farm animals creates a lot of manure which runs off into ponds, lakes and rivers and creates an unnatural balance of nitrates in the water and causes normally benign microbes such as fisteria to reproduce at a tremendous rate and cause fish kills and even human infection and immune system problems.What is a vegetarian/vegan diet good for the environment?

    If you consider the cost to produce it, eating meat protein calories are roughly one-tenth the cost as eating vegetable protein calories. So for the energy costs to produce it being a VEGAN is less good on the environment.

    BUT what is better for the environment is in preventing the tremendous costs for health care due to eating cheap meats supplemented with cheap high carb foods.

    If I may let me explain.

    Many years ago I found that the meat eating Atkins Diet Plan I was on made me healthier compared to my old high carb diet since it put my diabetes symptoms into remission, but I did not understand the consequences of eating a high protein meat diet for the long term.

    After suffering the consequences of my Atkins diet regimen over several years, what now works best in order for me to keep my pruritus-Urticaria in remission, after my gallbladder-biliary-liver and heart disease problems, is a VEGAN diet that is low-carb low-fat and high-protein. Because of my gallbladder-biliary-liver disease I no longer can eat nuts or olive oil or dressings or other fats or any cholesterol because it causes immediate pruritus since my liver鈥檚 biliary system is plugged with cholesterol and calcium sludge, and I can not eat too many carbs because of yeast infections that break out after one, two, or three high carb meals.

    What I now do is what they teach most students in high school nutrition classes - which is to add up the vitamins and minerals from my 鈥榙igestible鈥?foods and calculating the RDA's [Recommended Dietary Allowances] or DV's [Daily Reference Values] for each day to see if I am more than 100%. Things like bran is not considered since it is not digestible for humans, and is like a work horse or work oxen eating straw instead of digestible grass or alfalfa leaves. Also, after I accidentally poisoned myself with supplements, I leaned that supplements like iron and magnesium and colloidal silver etc are super toxic since they are 'metallic' minerals and oftentimes raw fertilizers with a 1000 fold markup. These 鈥榤etallic鈥?mineral supplements have not yet been converted into a non-toxic food when during photosynthesis the electrons in a fertilizer are stripped away making it the more positively charged 鈥榥on-metallic鈥?and non-toxic mineral element within the plant. Also, the highly profitable synthetic vitamin supplements I used to purchase have no unambiguous research backing them, and there is some obviously valid research concluding that they are more toxic than beneficial to any animal that has ever consumed them.

    What now keeps my diseases in remission is mostly a diet of cooked lentils then mixed with tomato sauce and boiled celery to make a quick microwave super high protein veg-chili. I boil all my foods since my digestive system is in such poor shape and I need as many nutrients as I can get out of the semi-expensive foods I buy. I used to eat much more meat when I was an Adkins dieter, before my pruritus attacks became so obvious that the cholesterol and fats in the meat or eggs was the root cause. FYI - IF you know of people getting colon cancer, it was during my Adkins period I learned to always eat enough vegetables to be a minimum of 2 x the weight of the meat that I ate - in order to not have any constipation or worse. I used to have reddish stools since I was likely on my way to getting colon cancer myself from eating much more meat protein than I could ever digest properly in my stomach and colon.

    After the Atkins Diet allowed my present health issues, I eventually learned to replace the beef and chicken and sometimes river trout in my chili with lentils, since the nutritional content of lentils ranks high alongside, and comparable to, very lean meat or lean fish if it is grown in well fertilized soil. [Note: e.g. the labels on store bought spinach sometimes have a 4 fold difference in nutrition based upon the fertility of the soils and the growing methods for the farms it is grown on.]

    I also eat a-lot of boiled frozen broccoli and boiled organic or re-washed and re-boiled canned spinach with a vinaigrette of organic sugar with glass_bottled_cider_vinegar. The glassware is because of some friends that got lupus from eating too much plastic stuff, or inhaling it since they were house painters who used vinyl paints.

    The nutritional DV numbers that I now eat are three times what most others in my family are eating every day. I keep at about 100% and they are about 25 to 33%, but they are all morbidly obese diabetics. Even though I was once morbidly obese myself and had a heart attack from too many carbs for too long, (which I think gave me all the symptoms of beriberi, scurvy and pellagra, along with the beginnings of my gallbladder-biliary-liver disease,) I am now more fit in comparison to most others I know.

    I hope this helps you along your own journey, and I hope you will have learned something from my own 鈥榤istakes.鈥?br>

    My best to you,


    [(-:]What is a vegetarian/vegan diet good for the environment?
    It isn't. Vegetarians like to pretend that they are improving the environment by not contributing to cattle farming, but their "contribution" does little more than fuel their sense of self satisfaction.

    The reality is that the commercial agricultural industry puts just as much carbon into the air and kills just as many wild animals harvesting wheat and vegetables (pesticides, combines killing field animals) as cattle farming does (besides, obviously, cattle).

    Don't become a vegetarian. If you must, at least don't be one who thinks they are better than everyone because of it.What is a vegetarian/vegan diet good for the environment?
    Not really. In principle it sounds good but with China's new found wealth, their meat consumption has increased dramatically. Every ounce you don't eat someone else will.

    What's a vegan diet that tells you specifically what to eat and specifically how much?

    I sounds as though you might need help starting on a vegan diet with specific info about nutrition, substitutions, and dietary needs. There are a LOT of cookbooks out there that outline what a vegan lifestyle entails. Everyone has different dietary needs but over all it's not complicated. Here are some online sources that might help:

    Also, when you're hungry, eat. You don't need supplements or special "VEGAN ONLY" food. Much of what you already eat is vegan or can easily be made vegan.What's a vegan diet that tells you specifically what to eat and specifically how much?
    There's no diet that can tell you that. Big people need to eat more than smaller people. Old people need to eat less than growing teenagers. People doing hard labor jobs need more calories than office workers.....

    The vegan diet tells you what NOT to eat, but not what to eat or how much.

    Tips for switching to a vegan diet, best vegan recipes.?

    Planning on making the switch any tips or advice for making the transition as easy as possible? I'd also like to focus more on local seasonal food any leads for the region of Ontario Canada?Tips for switching to a vegan diet, best vegan recipes.?
    Lately my family and I have been experimenting with vegan cookery for no other reason than its nice to eat a meal where no other animal has ben used in the cooking of the meal. I have been busy googling and what I found was thousands of meals that dont require animal products. I found tis veb site called vegan wolf which I would highly recommend.



    Bacos (or other bacon like bits)

    Balsamic vinegar (great for a salad dressing)

    Braggs Liquid Aminos (Made from soybeans, a concentrated protein, flavor enhancer, great for salads, sauces, etc...found in small bottles at health food stores)

    Canned or dried Beans/ garbonzo, kidney, black, red...

    Canned spaghetti sauce

    Canned vegetarian/vegan Baked beans and refried beans

    Canola oil



    Garlic salt

    Jam/ Jelly


    Lemon juice

    Meat analogs... burger, tofurky, whatever...


    Nutritional Yeast (A MAJOR product for vegans and vegetarians. A nutty/cheesy flavor Sprinkle on salads, popcorn, casseroles, pizza, sauces.... Found in all health food stores, bulk section) (NOT BREWERS YEAST!) (See side bar for more information)


    Olive Oil (For basic cooking and salads)


    Peanut Butter



    Ramin soup (Nissin brand, oriental flavor)


    Salad makings

    Soy Milk (sweetened for cereals and plain for sauces) See side for more information.

    Soy Sauce


    Spike or Vegit seasoned salt

    VEGAN Sugar (unrefined) Like "Sugar in the Raw", Turbinado, or a brown rice syrup, unbleached cane sugar, etc....

    Tahini (sesame seed paste) Used to make hummus, a great bread spread! or just buy some hummus....)

    Tofu Firm and silken (See side for more information)



    Vegan bread (Most authentic / old fashioned French/Italian bread is vegan..) (Avoid honey as an ingredient.)

    Vegan Margarine

    Vegetable Broth powder

    Vegetables: Potatoes, Mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, spinach, kale, etc… Edamame (soybeans)

    Vegemite or Marmite:It’s a food spread extracted from brewers yeast that has a very unique hard-to-describe flavor. Frequently used as a topping on bread or toast, it has a salty taste that is quite strong, so – “spread thinly”Also adds flavor to soups, and gravies"


    Below are some web sites I would highly recommend randomgirl because she has a selection of vegan meal ideals I thought was amazing.…

    Until recently I was not convinced of the selection available but there are such a lot of recipes. Also cakes and cookies that are made withou eggs and milk (replacement is soya) and these cakes taste amazing.

    So good luck and have fun, although my family are not vegans the foods are truly amazing.Tips for switching to a vegan diet, best vegan recipes.? - seasonal foods.Tips for switching to a vegan diet, best vegan recipes.?
    Get the cookbook - Vegan with a Vegence. it really opened my eyes up to whole grains, root veggies, and baking with soy milk.

    I need a Vegan diet plan?

    I'm starting to be a vegetarian for a while but I was wondering where can know about a vegan diet? Like types of food to eat and find nutrients to eat? I'm planning to a vegan later on.I need a Vegan diet plan?
    To miguel: All you can eat fish and vegetables? Are you serious? Vegetarians don't even eat fish, so vegans definitely don't.

    Your decision to go on a vegan diet is one of the best ones you can make for your health, animal welfare, and the environment. Good for you! You will need to make sure that you take a supplement to get your B12 vitamins daily. You will also need to do some research to find healthy meal ideas and more:鈥?/a> need a Vegan diet plan?
    The Vegan Food Pyramid is very helpful:鈥?/a>

    Vegans basically avoid processed food since most processed foods contain milk or dairy products. We usually just eat fresh foods such as fresh vegetables/fruits, nuts/seeds, beans, ect.I need a Vegan diet plan?
    There are many cookbooks so I would advice you go to the library or book store and look through them and see what catches your attention.

    I will also recommend these sites:

    They are both by doctors who support and know about vegan diets.

    Good luck.I need a Vegan diet plan?
    what is the purpose in "going vegan"? You have to have some dedication to your food choices if you are to remain healthy on a vegan diet. People are, by nature, omnivores. this means we need both meat and veg to maintain healthy lives. If you are very careful, it is possible to survive without animal based proteins. there is not one single plant material that contains all the essential amino acids necessary to sustain your body. You need to eat a combination of plant materials, and know what combination, and be willing to research this. If you are doing this for "health" reasons, know that vegan is not healthy! If you are doing this to be cool or different or earth friendly, then reconsider.
    I wouldn't go vegan, I mean all you can eat is fish and vegetables, kind of boring.